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Cause and Effect Essay and its Types!

williemmiller Registered: 9/15/2021 6:48:44 AM
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Posted Sep 15 2021 6:51AM 

Cause and Effect Essay and its Types! What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

Essay writing is an art. Before starting writing the cause and effect essay, one should know what the term “cause and effect” means. Cause ?? the essay can be defined as a series of actions advancing toward a particular end. Effect is the result to the series of actions. Cause and effect is interrelated. Only when a cause writing happens it will produce a result. A writer should do his homework before starting with the essay. When taking an incident or an essay topic for the essay, the writer should research on the reasons for the happening of the cause; this will give an idea on how to identify the effect if it is unknown and evaluate it. At times, the effect will be unknown. This maybe because of different reasons, mostly it will be because the topic is still unsolved.

Cause and effect essay can be of different types: • One cause and one effect: There will be only one cause for the topic and it will produce a single effect. For example, Cause: the baby was hungry. Effect: it cried. • One cause and two effects: There will be only one cause but it will produce two effects. Cause: Santo did not study for the exams. Effect: he will be detained; he will have to do an extra year of schooling. • Two causes and one effect. Cause: IT is a good field, salaries are high. Effect: choose engineering.

There are also other types like: one cause and two or more effects, two or more causes and a single effect and two or more causes and two or more effects.

The cause and effect essay had been differentiated based on the number of causes and effects. According to studydaddy the essay can be written as narrative essay, descriptive essay or any other form of essay based on the topic chosen. To produce a good essay, the writer should know in detail about the cause and effect and how to write them. For this, quite a lot of research and essay help is required.

One should give importance to the terms for the essay. For example, for cause one should use words like for, because, as, since, due to, etc. for effects it is- as a result of, resulted in, consequently, etc. these terms should be used to differentiate between the cause and effect as each time the writer cannot mention what the cause is and what the effect is since it will deter the flow of the essay. It will be equally interesting to write the cause and effect essay in the form of research paper writing as more information could be given in this form of writing. If there is confusion on selecting the essay writing topic, one can look into the different English essay topics for them.


To write essay on such topics, first write the cause, explain it in detail and then write the effect. If there are any personal suggestions, write it in the conclusion part.