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How can Wikipedia help in business marketing?

martinjoe00 Registered: 5/8/2019 8:49:37 PM
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Posted May 8 2019 8:52PM 
Originally Wikipedia is an encyclopedia providing information to the audience on a wide variety of subjects and topics. However, today Wikipedia is also used as a source of marketing and can add credibility to the business. Despite the fact that Wikipedia has a user-edit nature—meaning any user having an active Wikipedia account can edit the information present on Wikipedia, it is still considered as an authority site on search engines such as Google. In addition to that, the audience also trusts the information present on Wikipedia. This is where having a Wikipedia page can help your business in gaining the trust of the audience. Renowned businesses hire Wikipedia page creation experts to create and write a well-composed Wikipedia page for their business containing unbiased information for the audience to be able to trust the business. Apart from adding credibility to the business, it can also help you with cost-effective marketing. Wikipedia is a free platform where people volunteer to create an informative article. Which means you can market your business without having to spend much money. Do you think having a Wikipedia page can be a source of effective marketing?